Your Dog Just Got Injured In A Fight: 5 Steps To Take When Your Pet Has Abdominal Wounds

Your dog was just injured in a fight and now it has an open wound on its abdomen. You're going to need to act fast, especially if it's showing signs of shock which can include drooping eyelids and a pale tongue. The first thing you'll need to do is treat the shock. Lay your dog on a flat surface and wrap it in a warm blanket. Now you'll need to prepare your pet for transport to an animal hospital. Read More 

Ready To Buy A Dog? Tips For Choosing One From A Shelter

If you are ready to buy a dog, consider getting one from a shelter instead of from a pet store or individual, as some dogs at shelters may never get adopted. You can usually find purebred dogs at shelters, as well as dogs that are mixed breeds. Below are some tips on choosing the right dog for you and your family. Find the Right Dog Even though the shelter has likely tested the dogs for aggression, some dogs may not be the right dog for you and your family. Read More 

Want To Trim Your Dog’s Nails? Here Are Your Choices Of Clipper Styles

If you are like most dog owners, you take your dog to the vet or groomer to have their nails clipped. In fact, sometimes you may have to do this more often than your dog actually gets groomed, specifically if your dog's nails seem to grow quickly. If you want to do this yourself, between grooming visits, you will need to choose the right style of clippers. This guide explains each of the clipper styles, so you'll know which one to choose. Read More 

Sensitive Siamese, Hyperactive Himalayan: Hyperesthesia And A Tail Of Trouble

If you've never heard of hyperesthesia, don't be surprised: unless you've ever been the pet parent of a Siamese, Himalayan, or Oriental cat, you'd probably have no reason to know about this disorder. Not all cats of these species have hyperesthesia, either, but for those who do, the symptoms can range from mild to massive and leave your cat irritated or downright panicked. If your cat is one of the aforementioned breeds and acts strangely when it's petted, grooms itself, or at random, your cat may have hyperesthesia. Read More 

Learn How To Help Your Dog If They Are Hit By A Car

For many families, canine companions are more like a member of the family than simply household pets. When an emergency takes place and you need to get your dog care right away, it is important to know what to do. If your dog is hit by a car and needs to get to an emergency care center, like Beaver Lake Animal Hospital, right away, use the following guide to learn what steps to take to get them there safely. Read More