Want To Trim Your Dog’s Nails? Here Are Your Choices Of Clipper Styles

If you are like most dog owners, you take your dog to the vet or groomer to have their nails clipped. In fact, sometimes you may have to do this more often than your dog actually gets groomed, specifically if your dog's nails seem to grow quickly. If you want to do this yourself, between grooming visits, you will need to choose the right style of clippers. This guide explains each of the clipper styles, so you'll know which one to choose.

Style 1: Guillotine 

Guillotine clippers work best on small or medium nails. These trimmers usually have a hole in which the nail should be placed. When the handle is squeezed, a small blade comes up to cut the nail. Make sure when you're using these clippers, the handle is beneath the paw and the nail hole is at the top.

Style 2: Scissors

For smaller nails, scissor-style clippers may be best. They work much like scissors except the blade is round to cut around the nail. All you have to do is place the scissors at the appropriate place on the nail and clip it. These clippers are not usually strong enough to cut through extremely thick nails, but work great on smaller breeds.

Style 3: Rotary Tool

Grooming professionals sometimes use a rotary tool, otherwise known as a dremel. It operates like a power tool and grinds down the nail. This is an extremely easy and efficient way to maintain your dog's nails. However, it may take a little getting used to for your dog.

Since rotary tools have a very unique noise and sensation, your dog may not be comfortable with it at first. After a few exposures, it will become more and more accustomed to the process.

Style 4: Pliers

Another style of nail trimmers that's popular amongst vets is the plier-style trimmer. This may be a great option for you as well. Medium-sized pliers work best for medium nails, and larger ones work best on the largest, thickets nails. They work much like scissors, but they exert more force. They're often spring loaded and allow for a harder, swifter cut. You can usually find clippers like this at your local pet store.

The clipper style you choose to maintain your dog's nails depends upon your dog's size, as well as its demeanor. Some dogs handle this process well, while others fight it every step of the way; so, you may need the advice of your vet, like one at Pet Medical Center – Full Service Veterinary Care, to choose the proper clippers.