Learn How To Help Your Dog If They Are Hit By A Car

For many families, canine companions are more like a member of the family than simply household pets. When an emergency takes place and you need to get your dog care right away, it is important to know what to do. If your dog is hit by a car and needs to get to an emergency care center, like Beaver Lake Animal Hospital, right away, use the following guide to learn what steps to take to get them there safely.

Be Cautious When Approaching Your Pet

When your dog is hit by a car, it is important to realize that they are going to be in a lot of pain and fearful. You need to be very cautious when you go to approach your dog to ensure that they do not bite you. If you rush to your dog, they may get afraid that you are going to hurt them even worse and could snap at you simply because they cannot tell you they are afraid. Talk to your dog as you approach them in a calm soothing voice so they know you are coming to rescue them, not harm them.

Move Him or Her Carefully

Get help from a family member, friend, or neighbor before trying to move your dog. You do not want to carry them in your arms to your vehicle because they could have severe injuries that could be exasperated by the pressure you would put on specific parts of their body as you carry them in your arms. Instead, spread a sheet next to your injured pet and pick them up very gently and lay them on the sheet. You and the other person can each grab an end of the sheet and carry your dog to your vehicle. This will allow weight to be more evenly distributed and cut down on the pain your dog feels when he or she is moved.

Lay them as Flat as Possible in the Car or Truck

It can be tempting to sit in the car and hold the dog as you are taking him or her to the vet, but this is not a good idea. Allowing him or her to lay on your lap while they are being transported will apply pressure in certain places of the body that could cause them more pain. Fold down the seats in your car, spread a tarp out to protect your interior from the blood and then lay your dog as comfortably as you can in the back of your vehicle.

Have the Vet Get the Dog Out of Your Car

When you get to the vet's office, go inside and let them know what happened. They can then bring a gurney out to your car to get the dog and transport him into the building.

Be Patient for a Diagnosis

It could take some time for the veterinarian to determine how severe the injuries that your dog sustained are. It is important to be patient and trust that the vet knows what they are doing. If your dog hears you panicking, it could cause him or her to try to get to you or cause them to start to panic, as well.

Once you know the severity of your dog's injuries, you can determine if you want to have the injuries treated, or if you think it would be better to put your dog to sleep. There are times when the injuries an animal sustains from a car accident are so severe that treating them would be too painful for the animal to be able to withstand. Putting them to sleep allows them to be released from the pain as soon as possible.