5 Tips For A Stress-Free Introduction Between A Kitten And Adult Cat

Adopting a kitten can be a great way to breathe new life into an adult cat by providing them with someone to play with. If you are just beginning to plan for bringing home an adopted kitten, it is typical to be a little nervous about how the introduction is going to go. To make the introduction easy on the adult cat, while keeping the kitten safe from harm, try some of the following tips.

Keep the Kitten Confined to a Single Area

An easy way to keep an eye on the new kitten and avoid any fights between the cats is by setting up a single room for the kitten. Whether you use a bathroom, spare bedroom, or even a large walk-in closet, having a confined space for the kitten can be helpful if they are very young and you need to monitor them as they get adjusted to living without their mother and littermates.

Start Introducing Scents to Each Cat

Another way to make the introduction easier on the cats is by slowly introducing them to each other's scents. A good way to do this is by placing a blanket or sweater where your kitten sleeps and where your cat is, then switching. By providing them with each other's scents, they can get familiar with it before seeing each other eye-to-eye.

Encourage the Cats to Eat Near Each Other

Once you start showing each cat to one another, try placing their food dishes near each other. While you want them far enough apart to eat in peace, eating near each other can help each cat associate one another with a pleasant experience.

Make Sure Each Cat is Altered and Vaccinated

A common reason why cats can get into fights when meeting is due to them not being spayed or neutered. While your kitten may not be old enough to be altered just yet, make sure the adult cat is spayed or neutered before introducing them to one another. Vaccinations are also important since the cats could pass diseases to each other if they're not protected.

Try Calming Products and Toys

Behavioral problems such as scratching, urinating outside of the litter box, and excessive meowing could all occur when a cat is feeling stressed. Another way to combat this is by providing each cat with a pheromone releaser that plugs in to the wall, helping them to calm down. Catnip toys can also be an effective way to reduce stress in cats.

Preparing for the arrival of your new kitten can make all the difference in how comfortable they are and the stress on your existing adult cat. Some changes around the house and a visit to the veterinarian can make sure that the introduction goes safely and happily. 

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