Cats Are Fascinating! Keep Them That Way With The Proper Care

Cats make great pets because they love to play and they are good with children. They are also low maintenance, as you do not have to worry about giving them a bath, and if you have a short hair cat, you will not have to comb it. Keep reading to learn about veterinary care for your feline friend, and learn some amazing things your cat can do as long as they are healthy.

Cat Vaccinations

One of the most important things you can do is make sure your cat has the right vaccinations. This is important, because the vaccinations help to prepare your cat's immune system to fight off organisms that cause diseases.

Your cat may not need every vaccination available, but in most cases there are core vaccines that every cat needs. These vaccines protect them from feline distemper, feline herpes, virus type I, feline calci virus, and rabies. Your veterinarian can determine the vaccines that are best for your cat.

Physical Examination

When you take your cat to the veterinarian for their checkup, one of the first things they may do is to check its temperature. A normal temperature for a cat is in the range of 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit. The vet will take its temperature rectally, and this is not painful for your cat.

The vet will look at your cat's skin and coat to make sure they are healthy. Its coat should be soft and shiny, and the skin should not be dry and flaky. If your cat has dry skin, it could be due to a food, dust, or flea allergy. Frequent bathing can also cause dry skin, as well as some diseases.

The vet will also examine your cat's ears to make sure they are not infected. The doctor will also check your cat's abdomen to check for things like pregnancy, bladder stones, and tumors.

Amazing Facts

Now that your cat is healthy, there are some amazing things they can do. For example, your cat could easily outrun you, as most cats can run up to 30 miles per hour, but only at short distances. Cats are also great jumpers as they can jump up to eight feet in one leap. You have probably noticed your cat sleeps a lot. What you may not know is that many cats sleep 15 to 20 hours each day.

Now that your cat is healthy, your job is to keep it that way. You can do this by taking it to a veterinarian at a clinic like Animal Medical Center Of Bradenton for its yearly checkup.