2 Reasons To Take Your Cat To The Vet As Soon As Possible

Cats make great pets, which is one of the reasons that we want to keep them around for as long as possible. However, cats can make this quite difficult as they are often very good at hiding their pain or discomfort until it is too late to save them. Loud vocalization and bad grooming are just two reasons to get your cat to the vet quickly.

Loud Vocalization

While it is not uncommon for some cats or cat breeds to be very vocal and meow a lot, it is almost never a good sign when your cat's volume increases to the point where he or she is yowling. One of the most common causes for this increase in volume is that your cat is starting to go deaf.

In that situation, a vet is vital in determining the cause of the deafness and treating it before the hearing loss is permanent. For example, a vet can remove ear mites or blockages in order to restore your cat's hearing, or simply to prevent total hearing loss. In addition, your vet can provide you with tips on how to help your cat relax and adjust to the lack of sound if the hearing loss cannot be reversed.

Another common reason for the loud vocalization is pain. In most cases, if your cat is howling loud enough to be heard throughout your house, the pain is likely to be extreme. In that situation, a vet can treat the cause of the pain in order to eliminate it completely, while also providing pain medication that can help your cat rest easily until the underlying cause of the pain is gone.

Bad Grooming

Another reason to see your vet as soon as possible is if your cat has started to develop bad grooming habits. For example, if your cat is grooming one spot excessively, this can be a sign that your cat has an injury or skin allergy in that spot.

A vet can help you determine what is causing the allergic reaction so that you can try to remove the allergen from the cat's environment. If the cause for the excessive grooming is an injury, your vet can treat the injury and provide you with antibiotics to speed up the healing process. In addition, your vet can also provide you with a cone that you can put on your cat to keep him or her from grooming the problem areas until the wound heals.

Speak to your vet today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help you keep your cat healthy. Seeing your vet (like those at Chicago Cat Clinic) immediately when your cat is developing bad grooming habits or is meowing excessively is a great way to ensure that your cat will live a long and healthy life.