Getting Your Longhaired Dog Spayed Or Neutered? What You Need To Know About Grooming

If you need to have your longhaired furry friend spayed or neutered, you might think that a visit to the groomers is unnecessary beforehand because the vet will shave off that portion of their hair. But if you want your dog's hair to look good after the procedure, there are some grooming preparations to do before the surgery, as well as during and after recovery. This guide explains what you should do to keep your longhaired dog properly groomed.

Grooming Needed Before the Vet Appointment

Give your dog a bath the day before their appointment to get spayed or neutered. Because they will be healing for the next ten days or so, you won't be able to give them a bath during this time.

Make an appointment with the groomers the day before the appointment. When you arrive let them know that they are about to have surgery, so you would like them to prep the area for the procedure. The groomers will shave the area so that minimal hair can mat up during the healing process.

Grooming You Can Do During Recovery

As soon as you get your dog home from surgery, clip their nails. Your little doggie will be under the influence of sedation medication and won't fight this process much, if at all.

You can have the groomers take care of this, but most dogs don't like getting their nails clipped. You'll essentially be stressing them out two days in a row. Clipping their nails while they are sedated eliminates this stress.

Continue combing your dog's hair daily. Not only will you prevent mats in exposed areas, but you'll also be bonding more with your dog during this time.

Grooming Done With the Professionals Post Recovery

While your dog is recovering, they'll have a cone around their neck so they can't lick or bite at the stitches. Alternatively, the vet may wrap the wound with vet wrap. Either way, you're likely to notice mats in the hair surrounding the surgical area after the cone or vet wrap is removed. Once you have the okay from your vet, take your pooch back to the groomers for a full bath and to have mats combed or cut out.

Keep in mind that your vet's main concern is the health of your dog and not necessarily what they look like. Because matting can cause skin irritation, use a professional groomer like one from Rush Animal Care Clinic PC who can ensure that your dog will go through minimal matting, and won't need to be shaved completely when it is all said and done.