Get Your Cat Back on Track to a Healthy Weight with a Visit to the Vet

Significant weight gain can be a very common problem for indoor-only cats, leading to potential health issues such as diabetes or arthritis. While it's very easy for your cat to become overweight if they spend most or all of their time indoors, there are a number of ways that you can treat them by visiting your veterinarian. Instead of attempting to treat your cat alone by reducing their food intake, it's best to have a vet give you the professional advice that will benefit them most. Read More 

How To Cool Down A Pet That Has Overheated

Dogs, cats and small animals can all be susceptible to overheating. Sometimes you may not even realize that the animal is in danger; for instance, a cat may sneak into a closed garage, or a dog may not come in from your yard even though they have a dog door installed. When a pet overheats, it's important to keep its temperature down as you head to the pet hospital.  Do Not Give It an Ice Bath Read More 

Why Do Shelters And Rescues Charge An Adoption Fee?

You've decided to check local animal shelters for your next pet. Congratulations! You are likely to find a wonderful companion animal and save a life. But you may wonder why the costs to adopt from some shelters and rescues seems exorbitant - in some cases, over $100. Why do shelters charge a fee, anyway? What Costs Need to Be Covered for Adoptable Pets? You'd be surprised to know how much goes into getting a pet ready for a new home. Read More 

4 Health Indicators Every Iguana Owner Should Recognize

Iguanas are one of the most popular pets in the lizard family and it is easy to see why. These are creatures that enjoy your attention, can roam freely in the house, and are generally healthy with the right kind of care. Even though iguanas require little veterinarian attention, when it comes to pet health, it is always your responsibility as the owner to make sure your lizard is healthy. Here are four health indicators every iguana owner should know. Read More 

3 Cat Obsessive Compulsive Disorders That May Be A Concern

Yes, it is true that even cats can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorders. Some can be harmless while others may be cause for concern. Here are the three cat obsessive compulsive disorders that may be a concern if you notice it in your cat's everyday behavior: Wool Sucking The most common reason that cats develop the habit of wool sucking is because they were taken from their mothers at too early of an age. Read More